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Things to do in Rhodes

  1. Explore Rhodes Old Town: Wander through the medieval streets of the UNESCO-listed Old Town, surrounded by impressive walls and fortified gates. Visit the Palace of the Grand Master and the Street of Knights.
  2. Lindos Acropolis: Travel to the village of Lindos and hike up to the ancient Acropolis, offering stunning views of the village and the sea.
  3. Relax on the beaches: Rhodes boasts numerous beautiful beaches. Some popular ones include Faliraki Beach, Tsambika Beach, and Anthony Quinn Bay.
  4. Rhodes Archaeological Museum: Discover the island's fascinating history by exploring the artifacts and exhibits housed in this museum located in Rhodes Town.
  5. Seven Springs (Epta Piges): Visit this lush and scenic area with a natural spring and a tunnel leading to a lake. It's a great spot for nature walks and picnics.
  6. Kallithea Springs: Relax and rejuvenate at the historic Kallithea Springs, known for their impressive architecture and therapeutic waters.
  7. Prasonisi: For windsurfing and kiteboarding enthusiasts, head to Prasonisi, a sandy peninsula offering excellent conditions for water sports.
  8. Filerimos Hill: Climb up to the Monastery of Filerimos and the Cross, where you'll be rewarded with panoramic views of the island.
  9. Boat trips: Take a boat tour around the island or to nearby islands like Symi to explore secluded beaches and charming villages.
  10. Water Park fun: Enjoy a day of fun and excitement at one of the island's water parks, like Water Park Faliraki.
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